Phoenix Kinship Guidelines


As a kinship, Phoenix is buildt around the idea that the game is meant to be played together. We want members who join for events, group up and enjoy the game together.

The members of Phoenix are expected to show a mature and kind behaviour towards other players, both in and out of the kinship. Remember that your behaviour shapes other people’s view on our kinship.

We offer to our members a lot of activity and access to end-game content, with lots of raiding. What we expect in return is that our members behave according to the spirit of the kinship.

The kinchat is there to let our members chat, joke around and organize groups. It is not meant to be a trade channel. Don’t treat your fellow kinship members as a source of income. If you want someone to craft something for you, it is fair that you can provide the materials for the item, or pay them for the material costs.

We generally loot using the need/greed/pass rule. Only need on items for the character you are currently playing, not for your alts. We roll need on Mithril Flakes, Khuzdul Tablets, Item XP runes, morale/power pots, quest items, class items and recepies for your craft. For everything else, roll greed. If something drops that you will use, ask your group if it's ok if you need on that item.

On boss chests, we generally go Master Looter, to make sure the loot is distributed fairly. We want as many as possible to walk away from a run with something in return, instead of one or two players getting everything.

If a first or second age item drops for a class that is not in the group, an officer or the leader of the fellowship will take it, and send it to our kinchest to be entered into our Legendary Item Lottery.

Don’t loot in combat. It makes the minstrels cry, and they will be unable to heal you.

For raids and instance runs, Ventrilo is a must. Check the Ventrilo information thread for directions on how to get it.

Treat ventrilo as you would a normal conversation, meaning no shouting and screaming, burping or other unappealing noises. And NO yawning on Ventrilo!

Raid Behaviour
Invites for raids go out at the time the event is set to start in the calendar, usually 7.30 pm UK time. They are sent in order of sign-up, though the raid leader may have to make adjustments to make sure we have the right classes. Be online, prepared and out of fellowship on the character you have signed up with when the invites go out. If you are not, you will be put at the end of the list, and your spot may go to someone else.

The raids will be lead by an officer or someone delegated by an officer. Listen to the leaders’ explanations, and ask if you have questions about what to do. The leader has a strategy for the fight, and it’s vital that everyone understands their role to carry out the strategy and ensure a successful raid. If you have suggestions or ideas to improve the strategy, please post them in the forums. During the fight, the leader has to be able to issue commands quickly, so try to keep unnecessary chatter to a minimum.

In general, we don’t want people raiding outside of the kinship or alliance. Phoenix offers a lot of raids on the calendar, and people raiding out of kinship can easily create complaints between other members and a chaos we absolutely do not want.

If you really want to raid out of kinship, then you have to ask an officer first. The window for raiding out of the kinship is between the time we have it on calendar and the time it resets. If the raid you wish to join has already been done in our kinship before it resets, then you can go. If it hasn’t, then the answer will be no. For example, if we have the turtle in the calendar on friday and tuesday, it will be possible to do it out of the kinship on saturday, sunday and wednesday. You can also join for raids we don’t have on the calendar.

We expect our members to put their kinship first. Being in a kinship means being a part of the kinship. If we see that members constantly raid out of the kinship instead of playing with their kinmates, or repeatedly do not sign up for our raids to then do them out of the kinship, this rule will be edited to completely disallow raiding out of the kinship/alliance.

Alts in the kinhip
We encourage our members to have all their alts in our kinship. We do not want members who raid with alts in different kinships.

Ettenmoors and sparring
PvP areas are made for you to kill and be killed. Don’t complain if your freep or creep has been killed by a kinmate. If you easily get upset and angry by going to the Ettenmoors, we suggest you just don’t go there.

The same goes for sparring. If a kinmate beats you in a spar, then bite your teeth together and kill them next time. It is not something to start arguments over. Again, if it easily makes you angry and upset, then just don’t do it.